Barbara Pyle

Executive Producer, People Count
Co-creator & Producer of Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Founder Captain Planet Foundation

Chairman of the Board, Captain Planet Foundation,
CNN Environment Editor
Corporate Vice President, Environmental Policy, Turner Broadcasting System

Barbara Pyle

Barbara Pyle joined Turner Broadcasting in 1980 and pioneered environmental television programming. Her mandate is to make critical global issues understandable and accessible to the widest audience. She has produced more than 35 films, winning over 75 awards. She also served as CNN’s Environment Editor and created Earth Matters, CNN’s weekly environmental news program.



In 1997, she was the first member of the media to receive the world’s most prestigious environmental honor, the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sasakawa Environment Prize. In 1988, Barbara was named one of the first United Nations GLOBAL 500 Laureates. Both awards were received “for outstanding achievements in protecting the global environment.”

"Our planet will not be saved by any one big decision," says Pyle, "but by many individual choices - choices by people like you and me. Television has an important role in providing the information necessary to enable us to make these choices."

Barbara Pyle is well known for:

People Count, a documentary series on remarkable people leading the way to create a better future. The series highlights success stories in the environment, population, job creation and alleviating poverty. People Count aired on CNN, CNN International, and the TBS Superstaion.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers, the world’s first animated eco-cartoon for Captain Planetchildren created in 1990. With 113 episodes, the series airs on the Cartoon Network, in the US and around the world. The series has also been syndicated in over 100 countries on local television stations over the past 10 years. The Captain Planet Foundation provides grants for hands-on eco projects involving children.


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