What is People Count?

People Count is an award-winning television series which entertains as it teaches, inspires, and raises awareness about social and environmental issues. The series focuses on remarkable individuals leading the way to create a better future in their communities. The People Count half hour programs are distributed to television stations and organizations worldwide. These shows are made possible thanks to special funding from several United Nations agencies, private foundations, individuals and corporations. Want to know more about the Philosophy of People Count click here.

Jane Fonda
Barbara Pyle

About Jane Fonda
(Host of People Count)

About Barbara Pyle
(Executive Producer)

Where can I find the show?

Original Episodes

People Count aired on CNN, CNN international, and the TBS Superstation from September 1994 through January 2001. The series ran several times a year on these Turner cable networks.

International Distribution Episodes

The expanded and updated People Count shows are currently airing all over the world. There are 21 episodes available to nonprofit organizations and television stations. The series is distributed through CNN World Report’s network of broadcasters consisting of 180 international TV stations -- with the potential to reach a combined global audience of 2 billion people. Most of the series is available in Spanish and Portuguese. Many People Count episodes are airing on local PBS stations in the United States. Click here to learn about future People Count episodes in production.


People Count Production Team

The People Count production staff is composed of a team of dedicated individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Their common goal: to put a human face on global issues by telling uplifting stories of human triumph. Click here to learn more about the team.