S4ABarbara Pyle meets people whose lives are impacted by the power and once abundant oceans. Pyle sets sail with a third generation fisherman, Sammy Novello, in Gloucester, Massachusetts whose very livelihood is threatened.





S4BGloucester was once one of the country’s busiest fishing ports. However, Gloucester is no longer at the top of the industry because of over fishing. See how governmental and citizens’ organizations are working together to assure the fisherman’s way of life while allowing fish stocks to replenish.


S4CAcross the continent, on the coast of Northern California, Pyle meets Chip Will, a tireless volunteer dedicated to rescuing sea lions battered by El Nino’s storms. Human actions like building dams and deforestation could be the cause for depleting salmon - the sea lions major food source.


S4DIn a battle between fisherman and environmentalists, Vicky Nichols of Save Our Shores, helps to mediate these issues and create an “integrated coastal management” plan. Pyle also explores the ocean’s role in affecting global climate, absorbing pollutants and greenhouse gases, and providing food for the entire planet.

Produced for the United Nations’ International Year of the Ocean
Nomination – New York Festivals
Finalist – Watervision Media Awards