In the small town of Lindsborg, Kansas, Barbara Pyle talks with Wes Adell considered by many of his neighbors to be the “King of Composting.” He instigated one of the most successful composting efforts in the world. Now the entire community has pitched in to keep over 600 tons of material out of the landfill yearly. Their efforts have been recognized as one of the United States “Best Practices” for the United Nations City Summit.

In Caracus,Venezuela Pyle visits Ella Cisneros, director of the Together Foundation, who is working to improve communities by building partnerships between government, business and citizens. Locally, Cisneros spearheads a massive marketing campaign to get Venezuelans to volunteer their time to service projects and organizations. Pyle visits one such project in downtown Caracus, where volunteers are helping street kids. She sees the city through the eyes of two boys who call the streets their home and talks with the project leader who is trying to help them find a more productive path. Globally, Cisneros is putting together a database of “Best Practices” or working solutions to various urban problems, which will be accessible to organizations through the World Wide Web and CD-ROM. Produced for the United Nations City Summit (Istanbul)