Beautiful and dramatic this documentary is above all inspiring. There are no “experts” summoned to tell us what we already know about humanity’s treatment of the Earth; instead, we are swept into the lives of people who feel deeply, who care, who act – and who are making a difference.

This film takes viewers on an extraordinary adventure around the world, yet its special quality is achieved because of an emotional intimacy with its subjects. They see the world as it really is – “without borders.”


F2AOn the Ganges, viewers meet Veer Bhadra Mishra, a Hindu priest and hydraulic engineer who is crossing the borders between spirituality and science, fighting to have his people see Mother Ganges in a new way



F2BIn the Amazon, Payakan, a Kayapo indigenous leader, was forced to move his village deeper into the Amazon rainforest to fight for the river and their way of life.




F2CIn Africa, Mrs. Kapandura remembers life in Zambezi Valley before it was drown by the Kariba Dam. The story of her people, the Tonga, is a metaphor for all of Africa – people forced to live on marginal land. Stella Mavaranyika helps them find a way to survive.


F2DLike the Tonga, the people of Egypt have a dam – the High Aswan – but they are just beginning to see its full impact on their lives. The once fertile Nile Valley is losing its productivity.



F2EOn the Mississippi, Milton Cambre earned his living from the petrochemical industry, but now he is working to reverse the damage caused by exploitation of this unique ecosystem by the same industry he left.

Original score by Pat Irwin of B52’s


  • National Computer Graphics Association Top Broadcast Award
  • World Fellowship Award (CINE showcase)
  • Cindy Award (Honorable Mention)
  • Columbus International Film Festival (Honorable Mention) Social Studies/Environment
  • Columbus International Film Festival
  • Edgar Dale Award for Screen writing
  • National Education Association Awards-Advancements of Learning through Broadcasting
  • Monitor Award-Best Computer Graphics
  • Monitor Award -Best Director, Nick Boxer & Barbara Pyle
  • Monitor Award-Best Achievement in Documentary
  • ACE Finalist-Best Achievement
  • International Monitor Award Finalist
  • Third Vermont World Peace Film Festival-Special Merit
  • Banff Television Festival Finalist