Narrated by Susan Sarandon, this film delves into the timely global issues of consumption and population growth and their debilitating effect on our natural resources, a global issue in an era when all countries are interdependent. You’ll meet people around the globe easing the burden on our finite world by creating models of sustainability through using progressive technologies.

Population stabilization, soil conservation, reforestation, renewable energy and energy conservation are a means to a healthier planet, but these programs are forced to struggle for funding in a world where military spending is over $550 billion a year.

Filmed on location in China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya and the United States. Speaking on these critical issues are such notable experts as President Jimmy Carter, Norman Borlaug, Indira Gandhi, Dr. Rafael Salas and Mostafa Tolba. The film also features Lester Brown and is based on his book, Building a Sustainable Society.

  • Best Global Television Program that Promotes Global Peace & Understanding -- Population Institute
  • Banff International Television Festival Finalist