F4ACinematically stunning, this documentary, shot in film, is the true story of Anna Nguerme, who with her own two hands transformed her own life and the lives of her village.



F4CAnna was a leader of the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. Her seventh child she named Peacemaker, with hope that peace would come to her country. Her eighth child, Omega, means “the last” - no more children.


The war for land ended and she and her neighbors, Blazio and his wife Jasmine, founded a small cooperative, Kutambura (“Struggling People”). Yet Anna spent her days the same as most African women; eking out a living in a garden, gathering firewood, cooking and caring for her family.


F4BEnter Dr. Esther Bohene, the twin sister of President Mugabe’s wife, who founded a program to help women like Anna. When a delegate from Kubatsirana (“working together”) arrived in Domboshawa, Anna’s village elected her to be their delegate. Anna is given the opportunity to go for training where she learns many skills that she is then able to bring back to her village. Through this training she is able to manage the farming of the group garden, as well as teach the other women to read and keep books. The positive impact was immediate but the struggling people continue their struggle in Zimbabwe.

A co-production with The Better World Society and the BBC

  • Silver Apple Award/Social studies-National Education Film and Video Festival, Oakland, CA.