F5AThe ancient sages of India spoke of Oneness...of respecting life in all its forms and taking from nature without destroying it. OUR FINITE WORLD:INDIA explores how this philosophy still thrives in today’s India and is exemplified by the efforts of a new generation of leaders.


F5BHome to more people than any other country in the world, except China, birthplace of both Buddha and Gandhi, India is saturated in history, enigmas and a struggle to save the resources of their great land. OUR FINITE WORLD: INDIA explores the fabric of modern Indian society and the tension between spirituality and technology. The holiest of rivers, the Ganges, is polluted, but many people refuse to accept the problem. Gandhian philosophy inspires millions of India’s people, yet women are still battling to establish new roles in the home and workplace.


F5DSee how soap operas, small farmers and the People’s Movement are working to apply science in ways that will help all Indians.


F5CJourney from the streets of Old Delhi where millions of rural Indians look for work, food and shelter, to the peaks of the Himalayas where the Chipko women are fighting to save the shrinking forests on their mountain slopes.



F5FNarrated by Ben Kingsley, co-produced with UNFPA and the government of India. OUR FINITE WORLD: INDIA was filmed on location in Ahmadabad, Bombay, Delhi, Kerala, Madhya, Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Varanasi.



  • CINE Golden Eagle Chris Bronze Plaque -- Film Council of Greater Columbus
  • Silver Apple Award/Social studies: Classroom-National Educational Film and Video
    Festival in Oakland, CA
  • Monitor Award/Best Documentary Cameramen: Steve Shepard
  • Monitor Award Finalist/Best Producer: Barbara Pyle
  • Monitor Award Finalist/Best Director: Barbara Pyle
  • Monitor Award Finalist/Best Editor: Nick Boxer
  • Georgia Emmy/Best Cameraman: Steve Shepard
  • Georgia Emmy Nomination/Outstanding Achievement for Television Excellence:
    Television Category
  • Best Television Documentary/Population Institute Global Media Awa