Meet the people behind a dramatic community turn-around and find out exactly how they did the seemingly impossible.

Photojournalist and filmmaker Barbara Pyle travels to New York’s South Bronx, an area that was once synonymous with crime and violence and is now vibrant and productive in many areas.


Under Yolanda Rivera’s leadership, an innovative community association called Banana Kelly is involving residents in the ongoing maintenance, security and eventual ownership of their own apartment buildings. 


Yolanda’s colleague Augie Demera, helps teach young people how to renovate these old buildings. See how Augie’s dedication inspires his students to become full-time paid assistants.


Banana Kelly also gives loans and assistance to people starting new businesses.  They helped get Yocasta Reyes’ homemade seasoning out of the kitchen and into mass production.


Banana Kelly is also looking toward the future. Large-scale plans are underway to build a paper recycling plant to provide much-needed jobs for the community.

Yolanda, Augie and everyone at Banana Kelly have a message for the world: “Don’t Move, Improve.” Yolanda believes, “People are assets. They count.  It’s insane not to listen to them.”


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