Garbage.  Everyone produces it, but not everyone views it in the same way. 

One big-hearted man in a small town in Midwestern Kansas believes garbage can be a valuable resource.


Wes Adell has spearheaded one of the most successful recycling and composting efforts in the world... right in his tiny town of Lindsborg.



Wes, who's a county commissioner in Lindsborg, realized years ago the town landfill was about to run out of space. Since yard waste is taking up 25% of that space, Wes concentrated his primary efforts on composting. At first,  people were hesitant to take part, but today almost every person in town donates yard waste to the county composting project.


Wes shows off Lindsborg’s other environmental accomplishments: the town’s recycling center and an annual conference featuring the latest and greatest in composting and recycling equipment.


Filmmaker and photojournalist Barbara Pyle gets a look at some high tech machines and the lowest-tech composting tool around - earthworms.


Wes’ environmental vision has also caught the attention of one local woodworker - Keith Kersenbrock. Keith makes guitars out of recycled wood from the community instead of exotic rainforest wood.  He’s hoping to strike a new chord in the music industry and inspire other woodworkers to spare the rainforest.


Wes calls Keith an example for everyone, saying  “Don’t talk about what you believe and what you ought to do and what you think is important.  Do it!”.



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