Technology is racing through rural Puerto Rico and helping small farmers reach new financial heights. 

Photojournalist and filmmaker Barbara Pyle goes on location to meet the people behind the fascinating technology of hydroponics: growing crops using only water and no soil.  Pyle travels to Cubuy, Puerto Rico, where one family is using hydroponics to turn heads of lettuce into fields of dreams.


The family credits much of its success to Dr. Antonio Pantoja, a former economics professor at the University of San Diego.  When Dr. Pantoja returned to her roots in Cubuy for a quiet retirement, she found out her economic expertise was in demand.  So, she launched “Producir”, an organization that gets small businesses up and running.  “Producir” offers technical and financial assistance ... and has completely transformed the Cubuy economy.


Dr. Pantoja, recipient of the National Hispanic Hero Award and  The elite Presidential Medal of Freedom, says, “If we made the world, we can remake it.”



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