Chettri SistersPhotojournalist and Filmmaker Barbara Pyle tells the unusual story of three Nepalese sisters -- Dicky, Nicky and Lucky Chettri.  Instead of marrying young and having large families, like most rural Nepalese women, the Chetrri sisters have started their own mountain guiding business... unheard of for women in their countrry.

Their company, Three Sisters Trekking, offers tourists spectacular views, but more importantly it provides Nepalese women new options in life, outside of marriage and children.  The sisters teach rural women to become mountain guides, which gives them both personal determination and financial security.


Pyle joins the sisters' and trainees on their latest expedition through the Annpurna mountain ranges of the Himalayas.  ArchuGuiding expeditions like this is no easy feat.  The young trainees must learn every single trail, monitor weather conditions, and keep a constant eye on their clients, who could succumb to altitude sickness at anytime.  The trainees also take English classes to be able to converse with clients... and, in turn, they are exposed to new ideas and professions as they interact with tourists from all over the world.  The Chettri's niece and trainee, Archu, is assigned to be Pyle's camera assistant on the trek.  Pyle teaches her basic photography techniques as they tour the ancient towns that dot the trail.


LisaCanadian Lisa Clark came to Nepal in 19-98, and was so inspired by the sister's work, she decided to stay put... helping the Chettris market their company on-line, and assisting on the treks.  Pyle talks with Clark about her experiences working with the rural village woman, and finds out what it's like to witness lives being transformed on a daily basis.



Pyle also talks with three of the trainees --- Gauri, Neeru and Calu -- about their personal decisions to leave their old lives behind and become mountain guides.  All of the trainees say they now want to delay marriage, and have fewer children when they do marry.  Many of the trainees want to give back to the program and eventually train other rural women the skills they have learned.




At the end of the trek, the sisters and trainees sum up their living legacy in a simple song: "We shall overcome."



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