What’s raising fears and water levels in Southern Louisiana?

Join photojournalist and filmmaker Barbara Pyle as she explores the impact of climate change through the heart-warming stories of two wetland warriors, fighting to save the Louisiana bayous from the dangers of a warmer planet.


Milton Cambre is pushing ahead with a 20-year campaign to protect the wetlands from numerous threats,  including rising sea levels brought on by climate change.  He advises the petro-chemical industry on how to curb greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Milton is also a “hands on” advocate for the environment.  He’s revitalizing the local wetlands by replanting lost marshlands. Milton believes “We have a lot to learn with what nature provides us.”


The second story in this half-hour has some bite! Join Pyle as she searches for alligators with an unusual 80 year-old woman.  Annie Miller, affectionately known as “Alligator Annie” has a close relationship to the prehistoric creatures that have reigned as “king of the swamps.”   Could salt-water intrusion from rising sea levels dethrone her beloved creatures?


Host Jane Fonda closes the show by exploring  the direct actions viewers can take to protect their local ecosystems from run-off and pollution.



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