Changing times in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  Once one of the USA’s busiest fishing ports… many fishermen in this New England enclave are now fighting to stay afloat.  Their catches are dwindling… the result of over-fishing.

The government has stepped in, and imposed fishing restrictions to enable the stocks to recover.  As a result, many smal fishermen have gone out of business… forced out of a profession that’s been in their families for generations.

What lies ahead for this longtime fishing community… and the dwindling marine life that surrounds it?    Barbara Pyle takes to the seas with Sammy Novello a third-generation fisherman… who fears for the future of his livelihood.


The crisis in Gloucester is being played out all over the world, as global fish stocks continue to plummet.   Pyle meets a woman who is determined to find a balance… to preserve fish populations, while safe-guarding the fishermen’s traditional way of life.



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